Author Topic: Lichtenberg figure Mountains - Earth as the cause/trigger?  (Read 6510 times)


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Most mountain ranges resemble Lichtenberg Figures, so much infact that it is hard to believe they are not the result of an electrical discharge.  Especially if it is an Electric Universe then this would fit in perfectly.

A Lichtenberg Figure or mountain range is formed when material has been charged over time with a supply of current and then the energy is suddenly stopped (is this related to back EMF?).

Telluric Currents flow through the earth and are used by scientists. They were even used to power for free the old Telegraph systems in the USA! A number of the planets in our solar system give out more energy than they recieve from the sun. Considering in standard theory they are meant to be billions of years old this is hard to explain. In and Electrical Universe this is easier to explain or guess at. The power may come from Birkeland Currents attached to the Earth or from a Plasma discharge/conversion inside the Earth.

One idea is that the mountains were formed during a Catostrophe when the Squatting Man (Axis Mundi, Tree of Life etc...) was seen in the skies. This massive Plasma Discharge Event (Peratt instability) did what its name suggest, went unstable and stopped. With the loss of this power there could have been a Lichtenberg Figure type result, creating mountains on Earth.

As everything has to be considered, as we dont know for sure, could there have been another way to for it to happen? If the Earth created/converted our energy in the continuted exchange with the EU (lightning/ELVES/Sprites, the Plasma Fountain, Northern Lights etc...) but then stopped doing it would this result in the same thing as a Lichtenberg Figure?

If the Earth charged the earth or creates the Telluric Currents and then a Telluric Current stopped would this be the same?

At the moment Telluric currents have been measured running longer than 1000s of kms and will likely to be found as an interconnecting system or circuit covering the earth.